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  In my normal Facebook profile picture, my "baby" sister, Heidi, is the cute one wearing the Patriot’s foam head.  We grew up in New England.  Now she lives in Colorado and I live in Texas.  Like most football fans, even though we’ve moved, we’ve remained true to our team. About 20 years ago we decided to see the Pats play at every stadium.  (With all the new stadiums though, we may need to settle for just seeing them play every team.)  One of our most memorable games was the Jets/Pats game in New Jersey, 2013.  This game was incredibly special as it was her first time attending an October, Breast Cancer Awareness game as a survivor; an emotional experience for both of us.

Prior to the game, I had a dream that I contacted the Patriots and told them her story. I wrote this drama filled letter asking "if they could just play a little harder and want the win just a little more than usual…..if they could just do that and win for Heidi, I’d be forever grateful."  And in my dream, when we got to the game, Tommy and the boys had pink lettering on the side of their helmets with a simple message -  Win4Heidi.  Still dreaming, Heidi was furious and thought I had exaggerated her condition. Perhaps it was a flashback to the Brady Bunch when Bobby and Cindy lied in order to get a visit from Joe Namath?  (We were playing his Jets, so maybe??) 

In real life we lost the game but we ended up with a team name for Pink Vail.  Our team name represents 2 things we are extremely passionate about...football and cancer.  We are a little more than halfway through our stadium mission and Heidi is a few months away from her 5 year mark as a survivor!  

Pink Vail and Shaw Regional Cancer Center are near and dear to our family because Heidi was treated at Shaw.  She also participated in the Spirit of Survival programs, so we know the great benefits that come from funds raised for Pink Vail.  We can't wait to celebrate 5 cancer free years with her and hope that in the game of cancer v. Heidi we'll always be able to call it a Win4Heidi




Funds raised:
$4,675 of $5,000

Thank You Donors
Vail Ski/Bike Tech Inc. : $500
Debbie : $100
Go Team Heidi!! 💗💗 In memory of Carol Soule and Melvin Bailey
More merchandise sales : $256
Win4Heidi auction : $275
Friends of Heidi : $140
Catherine Gellert
Friends of Heidi : $55
Friends of Heidi : $60
Denise Gallagher : $25
In loving memory of Sally Smyth, Barstow CA
JoAnne Kamman
This is for the great picture of Mike in the pink hair. Go Team Heidi!
Profits From Merchandise Sales : $73
FOH - Friends of Heidi : $554
Randy Hatch : $200
Anonymous : $25
Gail Randall
In memory of our good friend Patricia Davidson, who is missed every day.
Vicki and Todd Gelfeld : $50
Amber, Greg & Abby Jo Ham : $500
Anonymous : $100
Monica and Dick Coles : $50
Rocky Road Snowboard Fundraiser : $1,046
Anonymous : $100
auction items
October Pink Bracelet Fundraiser : $146
Many thanks to friends of Win4Heidi for supporting the pink bracelet sale in October!